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Frequently Asked Technology Support Questions

Beyond I.T. Advisors' deep knowledge of the best I.T. systems and the most innovation and future-proof solutions means we have the answers to all of the technology and security questions you need answered to help your business grow. We'll find the right solutions and services to meet your needs now and in the future.

General IT

How much should I pay for IT each year?

It depends on the size of the organization, and how reliant it is on systems. An estimate is 1-4% of revenue. A small business with mostly manual processes will be on the lower end. Larger organization with lots of software, heavy reliance on computing or automation will be on the higher side. You get what you pay for, and nothing is free.

Are IT cloud solutions safe?

Private clouds are safer than public clouds. Private clouds tend to be more expensive, but they allow you to control your data, which is one of your most important assets. Since private clouds are smaller and harder to find, they are less prone to organized hackers. Public clouds are cheaper, because they comingle your data with other customers. Public clouds are difficult to move away from. Both come with risks of internet outages, on either side. Both can have disruptions in service. In the end it comes down to how responsive vendors are to their customers, and the customer service they provide.

Should I buy canned software or write/create my own?

Most SMB businesses will be able to find software on the market which meets 80% of their needs. The last 20% will need some customization. Developing custom in-house software is very expensive, and comes with many downsides (retaining a developer, not many people can support it, training employees).

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Do I have to use Batch IDs when processing transactions in Dynamics GP?

It depends on whether you want to post through General Ledger or post to General Ledger. Individual transactions not posted in a batch will need to be manually posted to the General Ledger even if you have "Post Through General Ledger" selected.

How do I get fully applied OPEN receivables transactions to show as HISTORY?

You need to run the Paid Transaction Removal routine to move these to History. This is to allow you to un-apply or re-apply transactions and record NSF checks before moving transactions to History. Also allows the option to print fully applied transactions on monthly statements if customers request this option.

I voided a transaction in GP but I don't see the voided transaction in the General Ledger?

Check your Master Posting. Most voided transactions do not post through General Ledger so you have to manually post them.

How often should I updgrade Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Each new release of Dynamics GP has new features and process improvements. If you are using payroll, Microsoft generally supports two previous versions with payroll updates. If you are on a version older than two versions back, you should consider upgrading to get the latest and greatest functionality. Beyond IT Advisors can help evaluate your current hardware and software and schedule your upgrade. Let us know how we can help

Can I reprint AP check stubs form Dynamics GP?

If you are on version Dynamics GP 2013 or newer, you can reprint checks. Go to Purchasing Inquiry Transactions by Document. Select the document number and click the Document Number hyperlink. The Re-create Check Stub button is available on the Payables Payment Zoom window. This will print a Check Remittance form.

IT Security

What should I do to make sure my data is safe?

Employ a business quality firewall, and antivirus software. Servers and workstations should be patched on a regular basis. Ensure your backups are happening on a regular basis, and test restore periodically. Contact Beyond I.T. Advisors to perform a free Cyber Threat Analysis of your network.

How can I reduce or remove spam coming in to my inbox?

There are many solutions which can contain and manage spam. The best solutions are ones which review all email before it makes it to your network. Several on the market also have features which allow portal continuity access which can be useful in the event your internet goes down.

How often should hardware be replaced for my business?

All production hardware should be of business quality. Hardware bought at Best Buy or Micro Center is considered consumer quality and generally costs more to operate in a business environment. Hardware should always have manufacturer support plans (plans usually are 3-5 years). Once these plans expire they should either be renewed or the hardware should be replaced. We recommend replacing 20%-30% of hardware per year. Servers, firewalls, and switches should last 5-10 years.

How can I protect my network from viruses?

The best way to prevent viruses is to follow a policy of least privilege. This means having a business quality firewall in place. Deploy features such as web content filtering and limit any web traffic which is not business related. Employing a business quality email filtering solution is also critical. If you can prevent end users from plugging USB and other devices into computers this is also very helpful. There should be a policy on what software and who can install software on business machines. Business machines should be for business use. End users can always go home and book their next vacation.

Have more questions about IT solutions for your business? Contact Beyond I.T. Advisors for all the answers.